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Korean Ginseng Essense Water 200 ml

Korean Ginseng Essense Water 200 ml

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the power of Korean Ginseng with our Essence Water! Formulated with 85% ginseng water, it deeply nourishes and hydrates, providing lasting moisture and nutrients for radiant skin.

What it does
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Containing 85% ginseng water, it helps to maintain deep moisture in the skin for a long time and keeps the skin healthy.

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Description -
  • YOUTHFUL RADIANCE, MEGA-SIZED - Dive into the fountain of youth with our colossal 200 ml Ginseng Essence Water. Made in korea Unmatched vibrancy awaits, making other toners seem like mere droplets in the beauty cosmos.
  • SEBUM SLAYING SENSATION - ginseng essence water made of high quality korean ginseng root water 88% + ginseng complex with 5% Niacinamide are the dynamic duo taking control of sebum like never before. Your ticket to a red carpet-ready, shine-free complexion.
  • GINSENG GLAMOUR, SUPER-SIZED - Transform your routine into a Ginseng-infused spectacle! Our 200ml Ginseng Essence Water outshines the competition, ensuring every application is a luxurious celebration of beauty.
  • NIACINAMIDE NOURISHMENT - SKIN'S BEST INDULGENCE - FLAWLESS BEAUTY UNLEASHED - Picture-perfect skin is just a drop away. 5% Niacinamide takes the lead, erasing imperfections, unveiling a radiant canvas. Elevate your beauty game, effortlessly.
  • ECO-GLAM GODDESS - RESPONSIBLE RITUAL - Elevate your beauty routine with eco-friendly glam. Our Ginseng Essence Water is the chic answer to sustainable beauty, because your allure should leave no trace.