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Venamine Argan Oil

100% Moroccan Argan Oil USDA Certified Organic (1.7oz / 50mL) Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Premium Moisturizer


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I have found that if I comb some of the oil into my hair, it makes my hair darker and shinier. In effect, it seems to take decades of aging off. It makes my hair that much younger. It is also good for rough hands. Just a few drops is enough to cover both hands. It makes my skin softer and smoother.  the Venamine argan oil is great for hair and skin.

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My favorite Moroccan Argan Oil to date! The glass jar is bigger than I anticipated. Typically when I order organic argan oil I’m getting a 1 ounce jar, and often times the cost is higher. This is a 1.7 ounce jar so in terms of value this is great. This is some high quality stuff here 🙃 I use it on the ends of my hair and to smooth flyaways on my kids do’s.