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How to use argan oil on your face & skin

How to use argan oil on your face & skin

Argan oil is one of the most popular beauty products available on the market. Initially used in Morocco and known for its beauty-enhancing powers, argan oil is marketed as a skin and hair care product but is also used as a beauty product in the Middle East and Asia. From moisturizing the skin to softening cuticles and nails, argan oil takes the beauty industry by storm.

Pure Argan oil is becoming extremely famous as it is a natural ingredient to use for different purposes on your skin. This blog is focused on how to have argan oil on your face and how to use it for different skin problems.

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Ways to Use Argan Oil In Your Beauty Routine

Argan oil is a rare, lightweight, moisturizing oil from argan trees. Argan oil has been used in beauty routines for centuries and is now widely used in cosmetic products and foods.

In the Argan world, Argan oil has become a multi-purpose product that can be used on hair, different skin types, and nails to nourish them, or it can be added to recipes for its unique taste.

However, since most recipes contain essential oils and flavorings readily available in the market to create this product, it is essential to check if argan oil can still endure without compromising its properties when added to your beauty products.

Pure Argan Oil makes a great alternative to expensive serums. Regular use helps protect against free radical damage that causes premature aging, stretch marks, and wrinkles. It reduces hyperpigmentation caused by years of exposure to the sun (through both UV rays and pollution) and acne caused by harmful bacteria.

 Argan oil strengthens damaged skin cells. Nails grow thicker and become more resistant to external stresses. Use it as body lotion, facial oil, or hand creme. It makes a beautiful whole-body moisturizer that's silky smooth on your sensitive areas such as the face, neck, sleeves – even soles of feet.  

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How can I choose the right argan oil for face and skincare?

There are so many argan oils out there. How can you decide on certified organic argan oil? Here is a 2-step process to help you find the best argan oil out of your selection.


Check brands' claims and quality specifications. Learn more about how it works with other ingredients such as ceramide or silicones—Double-check ingredients list and preparation method.

Check the Product Reviews page to learn what our users think! Not all products listed on the website may contain argan oil. Still, almost always, there are thorough reviews from past customers who tried them or their friends talked good about it so you could get an impression/comparison before purchasing online.


Four fascinating facts about argan oil

Argan oil benefits are many and it is one of the most affordable, nutrient-dense, and versatile oils people use in their cosmetics. 

It has become so mainstream that you might be hearing about argan oil more than lotion or skincare products these days — but did you know there are other interesting facts about Argan oil? Since everyone seems obsessed, let me share a few things y' all might find interesting, too! 

1. Argan oil ensure sustainable growth

Argan oil harvesting in Morocco is a sustainable and ethical practice that ensures the protected growth of trees. Argan oil clog not as it is with other oils.

2. It has zero irritancy properties

Anti-inflammatory enzymes, vitamin E, and fatty acids are also present. This applies to acne-prone skin conditions such as acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties (which can be due to bacteria) and swelling around broken veins or tumors, no matter your age or health status — particularly for breast cancer patients suffering from high estrogen levels that accompany this disease.  

3. It's the best oil for dry skin conditions

Cold-pressed Argan Oil is one of my favorite skincare products and keeps improving. This magical

pinkish oil is also very lightweight in texture while hydrating your oily skin as well!  

4.  Beneficial than other moisturizers

It is essential fatty acids are far more beneficial than an evening moisturizer. For example, its monounsaturated oleins contain prostaglandin-like E3 phospholipase A2, increasing cell communication and repairing damaged tissue. 

Furthermore, olein's omega-6 fatty acid from linoleic acids is beneficial for cholesterol production in the body. The latter vital roles have been confirmed via clinical trials conducted with therapeutic amounts of argan oil. These studies show that it contains vitamin E giving it anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects that are more powerful than an evening moisturizer even for sensitive skin!  

5. It boosts collagen levels without parabens or any other chemicals

Doing this argan oil good enhances skin elasticity - helping your skin recover from imperfections brought about by visible aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, or contracted veins; the latter are very common with having smoked for many years!

6. It is not at all comedogenic

This makes it an excellent choice as there's no concern over its use during pregnancy, breast cancer prevention, or while trying to avoid severe allergic reactions due to contact dermatitis — also known as adverse reaction skin redness and irritation caused by topical substances applied on your acne-prone skin.

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The Takeaway

Pure Argan oil is a good skincare routine for people who want to take good care of their skin and improve their complexion. There are many ways you can use argan oil for your face and body, and it can be a good choice for many different skin types. There are many different brands of skin argan oil on the market, so it's a good idea to do some research before you choose and get help out of it.


When should I apply argan oil to my face?

Argan oil should be used morning and night after you have cleansed your face for an effective skincare routine. You won't see any immediate effects from argan oil, so don't stress about that! Make sure to take time to apply it gently all over the surface area of your acne-prone skin for best results.

Can I leave argan oil on my face overnight?

Yes! This will nourish your skin and also give it a rejuvenating feeling. You can also simply dab argan oil on the spots where you see that your skin is a little dry. It will nourish and moisturize them as well.

What are some things that I should never do with my argan oil?

-Don't over-apply it! Too much of any product isn't good for your skin, so make sure not to pour too much specifically if you're buying from an unknown brand.

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